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Monday, September 20, 2010


I WILL be back... right after baby is born in March 2011 !!
See you then! xx

Friday, June 11, 2010

It all comes down to - motivation

This exercise caper is rubbish! I can't get motivated! I'll eat to meet my WW points, but for the life of me can't make myself go outside and walk. I run around like a mad chook at work, especially last night, surely thats movement enough?

I will do some sort of exercise by weigh in on Wednesday (or Thursday) - I MUST LOSE WEIGHT THIS WEEK!!

I hope shopping is good exercise, coz that's what I'll be doing today!

On another note :
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weigh In Results

Well. What can I say....

I put on 300 grams in 2 weeks. (totally better than the 2kg I thought were going to be there!)

Not bad I say!

However, the weigh in lady did make a point about my weight. It keeps going up and down. I told her it has for months. I need that to change.

So I speak to the leader.  She's told me to track everything I eat until I see her next week. Also, how much water I drink and how much exercise I do.

I know part of the reason my weight is yo-yo-ing is because I don't track. And that's because I HATE TRACKING!

Would be alright if I wasn't going out to lunch on Saturday (at a winery - can't wait!) or was thinking of shouting the family Pizza Capers for dinner on Tuesday after the exam is over. Might have to forget about the pizza.

So I'm going to be extra good and track. Extra good and exersise. TRY and be diligent and not eat the cookies I'm going to make before going to work.... hmmm will have to check how many points they're worth and then we'll see!

OH! By the way! I won the raffle at the meeting! $11 towards something I wanted (merchandise, cookbooks, snacks etc) I ended up getting (and paying an extra $6.95) a pump spray bottle.  It was just easier than standing there trying to decide which snacks to get. You pour the olive oil into the spray bottle, and it works like cooking spray, except you're using normal pouring oil. I haven't used it yet, perhaps tomorrow? It meters how much oil is used with each spray. Apparently you need only one spray. We'll see!

Pre-weigh in banter

Ok. I haven't been to weight watchers in nearly 2 weeks. Why? Coz I had a lab class on a Thursday when we shouldn't have had one (they pushed it forward a week). I work every 2nd weekend. So I alternate the days I go to WW. One week it's Thursday morning, the next it's Saturday morning.

So I missed last Thursday.

I can go tomorrow, but no, I'd rather go today. I could go this coming saturday, but then I'm going out to lunch.

It's study week this week, exam week for the following 2 weeks then uni holidays... so I'll be able to go more regularly. I'll go on Thursdays until my new timetable starts in July.

Ok, so Weigh In sounds very "Biggest Loser", but essentially thats what it is.

It's at 930 today, and I'm staying for the meeting, so wish me luck. I have this strange feeling I'll have put on weight. For some reason the amount I think I put on is 2kg. Lets hope I'm wrong. Very wrong.

I'll see you at 1030!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day one!

Today is the first day of the "get my butt moving and eat better" campagain.

OK. so butt hasn't been moving today yet - coz I can't think of anything more boring that going for a walk/ ride/ to the gym (coz that's expensive!) and I'd rather be doing something else... like housework.  Or reading. Or blogging. Or study.

I have however eaten breakfast this morning.

I had one egg, beaten, with a bit of bacon and feta mixed in and into a hot fry pan. Essentially, a teeny tiny omlette.
And  a cup of tea.
And a gingernut biscuit.

But don't worry - I wont be eating any more gingernut biscuits today because we're all out. I'll have to make some more. So much better than a bought one!

Is grocery shopping counted as exercise?  :p

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Welcome! Welcome to the 3rd installment of the Scone Empire *!

sconeonamission now has three blogs:
scone on a mission
Food For The Frugal 
and now ....
Scone Dieting!

This is created because I am on a weight loss journey, and the journey has seemed to reach a plateau. I'd like your help, motivation, ideas etc to keep me going so I can reach the end!

I've been on this weight loss journey since I had my son in August 2007. In January 2009, I joined Weight Watchers.  Two weeks prior to joining, I lost 2kg. Since joining WW,  I've lost between 9 and 11kg. I say between 9kg and 11kg, as my weight has been fluctuating.  It's so frustrating! 

To reach my original goal weight, right now, I have 3.8kg to go until  Goal!  I've been pretty consistent at maintaining weight for months now, but not losing it any more :(

This is where YOU come in! I need motivation, inspiration, ideas and you to keep me on track (please?)!

I'd like to meet and surpass Goal and lose a total of another 10kg (3.8kg + an extra 6.2kg) - putting me smack bang at the right BMI for my height. If not 10kg, then at least a total of 6kg (so, 3.8kg  + 2.2kg).

I'm not sure what  I'll be posting yet, but there will be something.

Happy to have you on my journey!

*Empire is not a real empire, just looks like one :)