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Monday, June 7, 2010

Day one!

Today is the first day of the "get my butt moving and eat better" campagain.

OK. so butt hasn't been moving today yet - coz I can't think of anything more boring that going for a walk/ ride/ to the gym (coz that's expensive!) and I'd rather be doing something else... like housework.  Or reading. Or blogging. Or study.

I have however eaten breakfast this morning.

I had one egg, beaten, with a bit of bacon and feta mixed in and into a hot fry pan. Essentially, a teeny tiny omlette.
And  a cup of tea.
And a gingernut biscuit.

But don't worry - I wont be eating any more gingernut biscuits today because we're all out. I'll have to make some more. So much better than a bought one!

Is grocery shopping counted as exercise?  :p

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