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Short Term Goal

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Too long. Time for a reboot!

It's been far too long. Iv been far too slack and have gained far, far too much weight. At my best, I managed to get to 69kg, my goal (though a "healthy" BMI wants me between 55kg and 65kg. I know I am never ever going to be 55kg. 65kg would be awesome, but I will again be happy with 69kg. 

So, the personal trainer, Ben, from way back when, suggested a group challenge- including food plan, I guess I'd better get my flabby butt into gear.

So here it is. As I stand here (well, sit warming up on a gym bike), I weigh 83.4kg (by the gym scales- 84.3kg by the home scales. A whopping g 900g difference!)

I know it's not all about weight loss. It's about being fit and healthy. At spend point I realise my weight may no longer change but my measurement will.

This challenge is an 8wk fitness challenge.
This is the first week.
I'm yet to properly read my email all about it, but it's 5 gym sessions a week, with an eating plan.

I'm warmed up now- now to decide on my workout for today.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The countdown to christmas ab workout

Currently up to day 4 (rest day). I forgot to do day 2 and 3 and tried to make up for it while putting Mr 6 to bed and couldn't remember where was up to, or what I had to do.
So I did:
50 situps
50 leg raises
60 second plank 

Ok, now I've looked at what I did have to do, it's overkill, but better over than under! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Short Term Goal acheived!

This new medication that I'm on leaves me with little to no appetite. In a way, this is good. I eat one proper meal a day. I'm still bad for snacking. I do, however, seem to be losing weight with it. It's fantastic. Just this week gone, I lost 1.1kg ! Excited!

This means I have reached my mini goal! The ultimate goal is now 8.5kg away! If I lost 1kg every week, I can be there in just over 2 months!! Lets not get too ahead of ourselves, but it's an exciting thought!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Catch up

man, this blog is not updated very well.

 I'm only up to c25k Week 5 Day 2 (the next one). I just stopped. I'm nervous about getting out there again after the fall. It's COLD. It gets dark really quickly. It's been raining heaps. Oh my, that's a lot of excuses, but they win. I can't get out there with the kids. Andrew gets home late-ish, but mainly it's the cold. I'm aware I wont be cold for long, but I just can't bring myself to get out there.

Today I went to my personal trainer. I managed to break my times 3 times! He was saying "Come on, you're so close!" making it sound like I was mere seconds away. Turns out I beat it by 10 seconds! Totally stoked. I think he was a little, too.

I got home and got on the wii scales.  Now, I did put on some weight recently. However, my jeans have been fitting a bit better, so I was nervous that I was just imagining that. However, I lost weight (in this last 2 weeks).
Hooray, 2kg loss!! Now back down to 74.8 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 4 day 3

Week 4 day 3 complete. I had Andrew's​​ company for my warm up, then he ditched me. About 1km from home, I stumbled in the dark, thought I saved myself from falling, fell anyway. Pushed myself the rest of the way home with a twisted knee and ankle and sore hip (and scraped elbow!) Time to ice my injuries.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

C25k Week 4 day 1

Day 1 week 4.. Hard, but complete, done with a runny nose (which made breathing like inhaling sea water), eat plugs giving me an earache and it started to rain halfway through making the footpath slippery. I have been home 5 min and I feel like my face is on fire, sweat is burning my eyes and I finally feel like I can stand up to go and have a shower....

Sunday, March 31, 2013

It begins

It all starts tomorrow. I need to move this weight. I need to catch up on my c25k. I have been suffering from headaches this last week and a bit, and then just lazy. Today and yesterday I can barely walk from my PT session...

I dare say I have gained weight, so it's time to lose it, and more.

My goal is to be able to wear shorts by my next birthday, because right now these thighs are scary! There's a lot of work to be done!!