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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pre-weigh in banter

Ok. I haven't been to weight watchers in nearly 2 weeks. Why? Coz I had a lab class on a Thursday when we shouldn't have had one (they pushed it forward a week). I work every 2nd weekend. So I alternate the days I go to WW. One week it's Thursday morning, the next it's Saturday morning.

So I missed last Thursday.

I can go tomorrow, but no, I'd rather go today. I could go this coming saturday, but then I'm going out to lunch.

It's study week this week, exam week for the following 2 weeks then uni holidays... so I'll be able to go more regularly. I'll go on Thursdays until my new timetable starts in July.

Ok, so Weigh In sounds very "Biggest Loser", but essentially thats what it is.

It's at 930 today, and I'm staying for the meeting, so wish me luck. I have this strange feeling I'll have put on weight. For some reason the amount I think I put on is 2kg. Lets hope I'm wrong. Very wrong.

I'll see you at 1030!

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