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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas exersise

It's hard to go to your gym classes over christmas when the gym is actually not open, or your class is not on.

So my husband and I decided to ask his mother to watch the kids while he and I went to the PT's group training session. It started at 7 and was :

18 deadlifts (60kg for men / 40kg for women)
15 box jumps (literally jump onto a box)
12 toes to bar (hang onto a bar and bring your toes up to the bar)
9 burpees (start with chest on the floor, push up, jump to your feet, stand up straight and put your hands in the air)
6 get ups (get up off the floor without using your hands)
800 m run

As many rounds in 25 minutes as possible.

I managed more than Andrew! I don't know how, but I did!
I got through 2 rounds,  plus box jumps, the 800m run and 6 deadlifts. :D I reckon given 30 minutes, I would have been able to finish it! A little disappointed I didn't do better, but I had a personal issue that I was trying to deal with at the same time. That's one muscle that the PT can't help me strengthen....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

If you read this post "New PT", here is an update.

I've had 4 sessions with PT. I'm not as wrecked as I thought I would be. I'm actually a little disappointed.  Don't get me wrong though, I'm sure he works me hard. 3 out of 4 sessions, I have left for our walk home (I bring the kids) with the urge of being about to throw up threatening.  Thankfully, I've never painted someone's garden a lovely shade of spew. The other 1 of 4 session, I've left with an instant migraine (I never had it all through the 30 min workout, walked out the door and BAM). I think that was the worst.

From the first workout I was asked when I would be coming to group training. A workout with others. They have a certain amount of activities, a set amount of reps and weights. I've done one of those. I didn't completely finish two of the set actvities, but completed all the others in about 75 mins. Longest 75 mins of my life. Felt great after though!

The gym is closed over a few days at christmas/new year and my normal classes aren't available. However, there's a group session on today.... Knowing what it involves, do I go?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Guest Posted!

I totally forgot I guest posted over at Diminishing Lucy!
All about not motivating, dedicating!

Here it is here!

Don’t motivate – DEDICATE!