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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week 2 weigh in

250g loss! Was hoping for more,  but ah well!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sugarless September

A few months ago, my husband did "Dry July", where you don't have any alcohol for the month of July. So I decided that if he could do that, I could do something similar. I decided September would be a month of no sugar - so here it is = "Sugarless September".

So, no sugar means no
sugar in my tea
hot chocolate
ice cream 

You get the drift.

Despite the first Saturday (Sept 3rd) being a 1st birthday party, which looked like it was catered by Willy Wonka coz there were lollies EVERYWHERE! I managed to avoid temptation and odd stares by putting lollies on my plate anyway - for my son lol, then stashing them in the cold bag I had for the baby food. I've sealed them in bags and hid them in the pantry for October 1st! Anyway, despite the birthday party, the first week was easy! Day 8 though, I was craving something! Anything! But, I've persevered. 

September 1st was a Thursday, when I go to Body Balance at the gym at 8:30. So, I stepped on the scales (at the gym) on the first day (pretty convienient really!).  Pretty much the same weight I've been since Eden was about 7 weeks old. 

September 8 (beginning of week 2), those scales say a LOSS of 1.2kg! OMG.  Totally cheering!

I need to go and change the tickers now! :D