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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weigh In Results

Well. What can I say....

I put on 300 grams in 2 weeks. (totally better than the 2kg I thought were going to be there!)

Not bad I say!

However, the weigh in lady did make a point about my weight. It keeps going up and down. I told her it has for months. I need that to change.

So I speak to the leader.  She's told me to track everything I eat until I see her next week. Also, how much water I drink and how much exercise I do.

I know part of the reason my weight is yo-yo-ing is because I don't track. And that's because I HATE TRACKING!

Would be alright if I wasn't going out to lunch on Saturday (at a winery - can't wait!) or was thinking of shouting the family Pizza Capers for dinner on Tuesday after the exam is over. Might have to forget about the pizza.

So I'm going to be extra good and track. Extra good and exersise. TRY and be diligent and not eat the cookies I'm going to make before going to work.... hmmm will have to check how many points they're worth and then we'll see!

OH! By the way! I won the raffle at the meeting! $11 towards something I wanted (merchandise, cookbooks, snacks etc) I ended up getting (and paying an extra $6.95) a pump spray bottle.  It was just easier than standing there trying to decide which snacks to get. You pour the olive oil into the spray bottle, and it works like cooking spray, except you're using normal pouring oil. I haven't used it yet, perhaps tomorrow? It meters how much oil is used with each spray. Apparently you need only one spray. We'll see!

1 comment:

  1. Well done! I want one of those spray bottles thingies!

    Teh tracking IS boring, but it works....