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Monday, July 13, 2015

Too long. Time for a reboot!

It's been far too long. Iv been far too slack and have gained far, far too much weight. At my best, I managed to get to 69kg, my goal (though a "healthy" BMI wants me between 55kg and 65kg. I know I am never ever going to be 55kg. 65kg would be awesome, but I will again be happy with 69kg. 

So, the personal trainer, Ben, from way back when, suggested a group challenge- including food plan, I guess I'd better get my flabby butt into gear.

So here it is. As I stand here (well, sit warming up on a gym bike), I weigh 83.4kg (by the gym scales- 84.3kg by the home scales. A whopping g 900g difference!)

I know it's not all about weight loss. It's about being fit and healthy. At spend point I realise my weight may no longer change but my measurement will.

This challenge is an 8wk fitness challenge.
This is the first week.
I'm yet to properly read my email all about it, but it's 5 gym sessions a week, with an eating plan.

I'm warmed up now- now to decide on my workout for today.