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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25 January 2012

25 January 2012

Workout 25 January 2012

My PT session is normally on a Wednesday morning. It's been raining for what seems like forever and I'm tired of taking the kids to the car in the rain, putting them in, taking them out to go wherever we needed to go, putting them back in again and at home taking them out.... all in the rain.

I had called my mother-in-law to babysit, only to get a text message 10 mins later from my PT saying that he was flooded in and couldn't make it to work. I cancelled the mother-in-law and just stayed at home.

In the afternoon, my husband got a message from the PT asking if he could make 6:30pm instead of his normal time. He suggested that I join him. So I still got my work out in today.

We drove, instead of walking, due to the weather (it wasn't raining when we left, but, with both kids, if it did rain, it would be a lot of rain).

Warm up: Rowing machine. I made 4.10m before he told us to stop and described the rest of the workout. 

The rest of the work out was to be like a competition. I was so not looking forward to this, I'm quite happy for my sessions to be in the morning. I was just not up to it.

Do it all - fast as you can:
500m row
100 single skips
50 squats
40 sit ups
30 kettlebell swings
20 pushups with hands off the ground (start the push up, chest on the floor, hands off the floor, complete the pushup)
10 burpees.

It only took about 12 mins to complete this. I was behind - until the sit ups, where I took over. I was leading until the pushups. I had to lower down from my toes. I've never done pushups from my toes before! I don't see why he felt tonight was the night to begin that, especially in a 'competition'. Anyway. I did them that way and fell way behind. I think I finished a minute behind. Not too bad I think!

Then, Lunge jumps, as many as Andrew could do. I had to try and keep his pace. I couldn't as I kept falling over! I also felt that if I jumped, that the lunge wouldn't be complete and would only be a scissor jump. Andrew did 56.

Then, Squat jumps. Andrew had to keep up with me! We tied for that one.

Finishing up, bicep curls. As many as we could do. I have no idea how many we did, but our 4 year old had grabbed two 2kg dumbbells and was copying what we were doing. Wasn't doing too bad for a 4 year old!

Lastly! Push presses. Dumbbells from shoulders up  and back to the shoulders. Originally, we had to do 40. Then he changed it to 30. I managed my 30, slowly, as my wrist was playing up. Andrew did the original 40!

It was a fun "competition", but next time, we do my work out, as apparently this was Andrew's workout!

Monday, January 23, 2012

20 January Workout

Ah! So close in the row to Andrew. If only I hadn't slowed down
and given into my legs trying to surrender! 

I do recall saying through workout B that I'd rather have another baby. Least I'd get something when it's all over. Someone then told me that if I'd work out for 9 months, technically I'd get something out of that too....

random photo

Thought I'd just throw this in here. This is Andrew, working hard in his PT session.
No. There are no photos of me.

7 January 2012 - Kylie and Luke's Farewell Workout

Andrew and I were a team! Last to finish, but still finished!

11 December 2011 Christmas Party Workout

I had two remaining (plus their hurdles and 200m run).
Thrusters and Push Press. 
I 'finished' 10 minutes before Andrew, so, 1hr 09mins
First ever group session! 

Wii Fit Test Results

2 November 2011

3 November 2011

7 December 2011

I'll add another updated one tomorrow!

I keep standing on those scales, and I keep seeing the numbers go down, but never big enough. It feels like I've been stuck on this kilo for ages! According to Grandma's scales, 2.2kg to go until pre-pregnancy weight! Another 10 on top of that would be awesome.

I think I might have to update those tickers!

We have just agreed to join the Paleo Challenge at our gym (I'm going to call it a gym, but it's the Personal Trainer. It's just easier to call it the gym).

I'm loving the group work outs at the gym! Some of them are hard! Actually, the ones I seem to actually turn up to are the hard ones! It's like he sees me turn up and hey, you know what ? she's here tonight, let's make her work it! :D I'm sure he doesn't, but that's what it feels like!