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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paleo take 2

I tried another Paleo challenge after the one in February was so successful! I lost 5.4kg in Feb!

I thought, sweet, I can lose some more weight, and be able to maintain - or perhaps lose some more! - before our friends wedding in November.

The first weigh ins:


I'm totally over this. There's 6 days remaining. I'm over it. I can see I'm good at maintaining now... I just wanted to lose 3kg, maybe 5kg, by November and I can't even seem to lose 1kg and keep it gone! We ended up having pizza (which is NOT on the paleo challenge!) as I'm exhausted from Uni prac. I've followed the plan well so far but can not budge this weight. At prac yesterday, I used their scales and they told me I'd put on another 1.2kg.

OVER IT. I'm going to ride it out the 6 more days, then back to less strict eating.