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Monday, March 11, 2013

It's time to move it !

A friend of mine sent me his 'before' photos, I suppose I should do that too.

Currently, as of last week, I am (and I'm officially putting this out there - I've never wanted to do it but when I read back on the posts, I can't remember what weight I was....)


The aim this year, culminating before my 31st birthday, I would love to lose 10.2kg.

But not just weight. I need to lose my legs and my belly (and body, if you're listening, nothing more from my bust, it's got barely anything left to give!). My legs are large and I still look pregnant  - even though the baby turns two in 6 days!

The goal is to wear some short shorts (some Daisy Duke's !)  and look good in it!

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